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Coffee Hour is what we refer to as our social gathering in our church hall immediately following Divine Liturgy each Sunday.

Coffee Hour Policy

1. Refreshments for Coffee Hour each week will only be provided by sponsors. A sponsor can be an individual or a family that would like to host the Coffee Hour.

2. Sponsors can sign up to host the Coffee Hour by contacting Fr. Antoine and putting their name on the Coffee Hour sign-up sheet for a particular Sunday.

3. If a sponsor would like to host a Coffee Hour, a donation of $125 will cover a basic Coffee Hour.

4. If a sponsor would like to buy the refreshments themselves for the Coffee Hour, they are responsible for the following:

a. Providing all refreshments (except coffee and sugar, cups, plates and utensils, which will still be provided by the parish)

b. Providing milk or cream

c. Coordinating setting up all refreshments for the Coffee Hour

d. Coordinating cleaning up of refreshments, tables and kitchen after the Coffee Hour

5. On Sundays where there is not a sponsor, only coffee will be provided for Coffee Hour.

6. The Coffee Hour is reserved on a first-come basis. However, in case of a 3 day, week, 40 day, or 1 year Memorial Divine Liturgy the Coffee Hour or the mercy-meal will be provided by the family of the deceased. So priority is given to those who very recently lose their beloved ones. In these cases please keep in mind that the dates of a regular Coffee Hour are subject to change due to these circumstances and we all have to be flexible and understanding.

7. In case we have two 40 day Masses, the priority is given to the first one who booked the mercy- meal. However, after receiving their consent and as the Pastor sees, they might share the mercy-meal or share the church hall and serve two mercy-meals at the same time. But it is preferable that we host two separate mercy-meals on two separate Sundays.

8. Please leave no perishable food behind.

9. There is no Coffee Hour in July or August unless we have a memorial Mass and the family of the deceased one desires to offer a Coffee Hour. However, they will be responsible for providing it.

We fully understand that due to certain circumstances, a sponsor cannot attend church services and also set up Coffee Hour. That’s why we use the word “coordinate”. The sponsor should coordinate getting help to setup, serve and cleanup the Coffee Hour. There are many parishioners willing to just need to ask.

We ask your full cooperation, understanding and support. We encourage our church organizations, families and individuals to sign-up and sponsor the Coffee Hour. Our goal is to have a social hour that all of us can enjoy together.

N.B.: Please don't make it a competition to see who hosts the best Coffee Hour!


How to Host the COFFEE HOUR?


• Sharing Coffee Hour hosting is a fun way to get to know another family in the parish. And when you split the responsibilities between prep and clean-up, Coffee Hour duty is a breeze!

• We have a standing order at Hayat Caterers.

• Please note that some of our children have severe nut allergies. Therefore, the children’s table must be completely nut-free. Because many packaged foods may have been manufactured with, or exposed to, nut-oils and could put children at risk of a life-threatening allergic reaction, please check the labeling carefully.


• Tablecloths, if desired, are the responsibility of the sponsor.

• All the other Coffee our supplies are in the cabinet in the kitchen or the storage room.


• Pick up the bagels and/or the coffee cookies and bring two gallons of milk.

• The Custodian makes the coffee. But in case he is absent, use the large coffee urns for making coffee.

• Slice and cut the bagels and/or coffee cakes and place on platters. Fill pitchers with milk. Refresh or fill a basket with sugar bags.

• Arrange on the table the cups, napkins, stirrers, milk, sugar and artificial sweeteners.

• Place small paper plates and napkins at one end of food tables.

• Go to church. Then slip out of church any time after communion to finish set-up and serve.


• Serve the coffee and assist the sponsor if needed to serve the refreshments or the food.

• Be courteous and have fun! Please try to be especially welcoming to newcomers.


• Wash and put away everything that has been used. Wipe down the counters and tables thoroughly.

• Hand-wash coffee pots as well.

• If we have used the tablecloths of the church, please take them home to wash and return them before the next week.

• Please leave no perishable food behind. Please take them home with you.

Note: Disposable gloves are available in the kitchen if you would like to use for food prep and cleanup. Thank you for all you do for our Community!

Check the schedule and BOOK YOUR COFFEE HOUR NOW!

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